Real Estate Tours

Panama City

We offer informative and entertaining half-day Panama City Tours, about 4-5 hours’ tour of properties in the major commercial and residential areas of Panama City we can offer general or customized tours based on your criterio.

We would include the major areas of downtown Panama City: San Francisco, Ave. Balboa, Bella Vista, Punta Paitilla, Punta Pacifica, Costa del Este and others, you would be picked up at the hotel and then returned back to your hotel when finished.

Pacific Beaches

We offer Full day Pacific Beaches Tour, we tour different developments and places along the Pacific Coast. They help you get familiarized with the different locations before you make a decission to relocate here, either buy or rent.

We will include visits to condos and houses in the different areas such as:

Coronado, Gorgona, San Carlos, Rio Hato and others.

All of our Real Estate Tours can be be private or group tours, we would basically We would show properties based on your criteria and budget.

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